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  • Ode to my bed

    Posted on October 13th, 2011 Dan Hughes 1 comment

    O, such unrequited love as this stands 
    despite the countless hours of labor endured;
    The labor of enveloping myself, in countless manners,
    Within the warmth of smooth linen.

    The long hours spent with you go for naught
    Finding no solace in your cozy flaxen plains,
    Your seductive feathery comfort,
    Or your potentials of dreams unrealized.

    And yet, even after our unsuccessful repose,
    I return to you, eyes drooping, yearning to dream,
    To attempt the endeavor once more
    Ignoring your broken promises for slumber.

    I lay my head and free my mind.
    I wait.

    As I have waited in years gone by,
    As I will wait in years yet to come.
    For your soft waves to find me, and roll me over
    So that I might float on a sea of fantasy.


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